Beyond the MOT, which ensures your vehicle meets certain legal minimum standards, having your vehicle regularly serviced holds 3 key advantages:

Safety First

The most important reason for having your vehicle serviced is to keep you safe. During a service, our technicians will check things like brakes, suspension and air pressures to help avoid problems that could occur when driving and cause an accident.

Lowering your running costs

Just like you, your vehicle needs a bit of love every now and then and if you show it some it’s more likely to give some love back by not breaking down and incurring you a big bill.  Fresh oil in your engine will help it run more smoothly by reducing friction while fresh spark plugs will help your vehicle use fuel more efficiently.

Maintains the value of your vehicle

There is a noticeable difference between a well maintained vehicle and one that hasn’t been looked after. If you plan on selling your vehicle on at some point regular maintenance will help to retain its value so you can get more money for it than just a scrap value.

The Forge Garage in Brailes offers an interim service and a full service and we recommend having the best level of service you can afford. We will always be happy to discuss with you exactly what the service will include.

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