Your vehicle is your faithful companion to get you from A to B but to do that legally it has to be taxed and insured and, from the third anniversary of its registration, it has to have passed an annual MOT Test.  While the term MOT is probably familiar to most drivers, many probably don’t know what happens during an MOT Test or what it’s for.

What is an MOT Test?

In simple terms the MOT tests some important items on your vehicle to check that they meet the legal minimum standards.  For a detailed look at what is covered your best bet is to visit the governments website:

Where can I get an MOT Test for my vehicle?

The Forge Garage in Brailes have been an approved MOT Test Centre for XX years, which means that we can carry out the test on behalf of the Ministry of Transport and we have 4 technicians who are qualified to do this. The test takes about an hour and if your vehicle has passed you will be given an MOT certificate which might also detail some ‘minor’ or ‘advisory’ problems to monitor or fix in the future. If your vehicle fails the test you will be a given a “refusal of an MOT test certificate” which will detail the major issues which need to be addressed to enable it it pass.

How much does it cost and how do I book?

We charge £54.80 for an MOT and if it fails, this includes a free re-rest fee within 10 days.

Call us now to book your MOT on 01608 685247.

What else does my car need?

Perhaps surprisingly, the MOT test doesn’t cover the engine, clutch or gearbox. It also doesn’t cover oil levels or look at tyre pressures.  That’s why it’s sensible to have your vehicle regularly serviced which is something we can also help with. To find out more about what a service covers please visit our service page.